Walk to Bethlehem
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  • December 9 and 10, 2017
    5:30 P.M LAST TOUR BEGINS AT 7:10 P.M.

Groups will begin the 20 minute journey outside the church building every 10 minutes. Time spent in the sanctuary and the marketplace can be at your own pace.

There is no fee for this event.

First Christian Church
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First Christian Church


First Christian Church is preparing their annual presentation of WALK TO BETHLEHEM as a gift to the community.  It is with great joy we invite you December 9 and 10, 2017, Saturday and Sunday starting at 5:30 p.m., to join the members, friends and neighbors of First Christian Church in celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus, God’s gift to all of us.

WALK TO BETHLEHEM was first presented in 1995 and continued through 2009.  During its absence of three years, there were numerous inquiries about its return and then in 2013 there was an offer of help that revived the volunteers with the strength, energy and dedication needed to do it.  In spite of having to cancel the Saturday presentation in 2013 because of extremely hazardous weather, the Sunday presentation happened entirely inside the building.  It is with a great deal of faith, confidence, and determination that WALK TO BETHLEHEM is being planned for this year.  Requiring several months of preparation and nearly 100 people, if you would like to participate in the preparation, please contact the church office, 260-744-3239.

  About the Tour  

First, we will journey around the outside of the church building to view six scenes of the nativity story complete with live animals and real characters.  Groups will gather in the parking lot before proceeding with a tour guide. The tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the marketplace where you will experience spice and bread vendors, Roman soldiers, a census taker, craft people and artisans of the time. There will be time for prayer, reflection and meditation on the birth of Jesus in the sanctuary.